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Thread: Understanding Sharkscope Ability Rating

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    Understanding Sharkscope Ability Rating

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this ability rating as I am a now using the sharkscope HUD and I have some questions.

    Sharkscope says: "The Ability rating is a rating that goes up to 100 and shows a player's ability based on an assessment of all the other statistics we have compiled for that player. It allows you to easily compare players who play significantly different stake levels and tournament types."

    So essentially all it's doing is measuring your results and not your actual hand play? If this is the case then how much more do we really learn with this data over the ROI/games played? I initially thought it was something similar to the PTR algorithms that measure our play but it seems I was dead wrong.

    How many of you are using the hud? I almost believe that it has hurt my game because I seem to be making decisions based on it from time to time (which is my fault). I have been using there databases for awhile and it has proved helpful in the past but now having the hud, I'm on the fence and thinking I should roll my subscription back to the $9.

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    so are you saying that number means nothing?

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    Personally don't put that much stock in the ability rating. The first time I saw someone who was down a ton rated significantly higher then a low stakes baller who had been consistently profitable, it made me almost completely discount it. The weight it lends to average buy in is too much imo...

    I'm sure you can gather info from it, such as their propensity to three bet light if they have a very high ability rating, but it would be one of the last things I looked to for solid info on players.

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    The Ability Factor statistic on Sharkscope is heavily weighted toward ABI (average buy-in).

    I use and depend on the Sharkscope HUD every day. It's nice to be able to identify the strongest and weakest players at every table before a hand is ever dealt.
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